Protective non skid carpet runner and rug for floors, stairs, hallways, auto, boat and washable. Protective non skid carpet runner and rug for floors, stairs, hallways, auto, boat and washable
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Ideal for Carpet, Hard Floors, Furniture, Crate and Vehicle—Anywhere Your Pet Hangs Out!

Yay! No more slippin' and slidin'!

Pets Like the Soft Texture!

At last, a runner that your pets won’t run from.  Cotton blend terry surface is soft and inviting.

Less Scratches. Great Traction.

Expensive hardwood takes a hit from active dogs.  Scratches don’t wash away.
Feel confident that when you line busy areas, your pets will have the traction they need while saving your flooring.

No Installation Required. Simply Cut to Fit and Line Vulnerable Surfaces.

Note: Due to its light weight, some activities on bare floors will cause the runner to bunch up or flip at the edges, such as a very active dog darting around, or pushing up against the edges without any weight on the runner.
**For slick bare stairs best if secured.**

Wet weather? No problem.
CarpetSaver is made of a soft, absorbent 75% cotton blend foam-backed terry that grabs debris & water so it won't be tracked around. Place it at entrances, mud room or any pet area to keep carpets clean. It is not plastic lined so large spills and "accidents" may result in some seepage.

  • Pet Friendly
  • Absorbent (not waterproof)
  • Machine Washable
  • Highly Durable
  • Non-Skid
Easily Cuts with Sharp Scissors

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What people with pets say about Carpet Saver rugs

A homeowner with rabbits talks about how she's used Carpet Saver

"I've used CarpetSaver for years, on floors, stairs, and boxes, and as protectors for chairs and couches; I like it very much." ~ Jennie Langdon (read more about how Jennie used Carpet Saver with her rabbits on her website.)

As seen in THE WHOLE DOG JOURNAL AUG 2011 in the article "Orthopedic Equipment for Dogs that Increase Joint Support and Overall Mobility" about no slip solutions for dogs

"My husband and I purchased our home, in large part, to suit our dogs. What could be better than a one-level home with hard wood floors and no stairs to navigate? The single level layout worked well as our dogs aged, but in their senior years, the hardwood floors have become a skating rink. I dreaded the thought of buying carpet runners. They'd need a rug pad so they wouldn't slip; they'd have to be vacuumed regularly; carpet is a breeding ground for fleas (especially here in the hot, humid south); and often, runners come with a dreadful chemical smell that takes a while to dissipate.

I was thrilled when I discovered a relatively inexpensive product called CarpetSaver, a lightweight, cotton blend, foam-backed terry runner that's machine washable. I ordered a remnant roll and was able to cut the fabric easily with household scissors to varying lengths. Although the product will never make the cover of House Beautiful and is only available in three basic colors, I've been pleased with the quality, durability and wash-ability of the product, along with the ease with which my elderly Bouvier, Jolie, now navigates through the house without missing a beat. I've gotten a return on my investment many times over! Suggested retail is $20 and up; remnants and overstocks sometimes available.
" ~ Lisa Rodier

Replacing Carpet Saver after 10 years and many washes

"I received the lovely new Carpet Saver, thank you so much!! It will be nice to relegate the older pieces to "dirtier" uses and have the nice new ones for picnics, etc. I must say, though, that the older pieces must be 10 years old by now and despite numerous washings, have held up quite well. You have a good product! I will indeed try to get little Miley to sleep or play on some and send pictures. Take care and thanks again"   ~ Mary Lou

Carpet Saver on tile floors for senior dogs

"With the exception of the bedrooms, all of our floors are tile. As our wonderful dog Bailey has gotten older, he's not as sure-footed. We now have a CarpetSaver runner going the length of the main hallway plus individual "rugs" in each doorway. Bailey no longer hesitates before entering a room."   ~ Bonnie G., West Palm Beach, FL

Dogs love to lay on Carpet Saver

"My little mini dachshund loves the feel of it and often just lies on the runner!"   ~ Suzanne

More Pet Owner Reviews

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